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So, about me..? Well, actually this isn’t about me, it’s all about you! You are the expert in your own project and I will help you to turn your ideas into a great plan. My business and coaching skills will enable us to analyse your position and evaluate your options, empowering you to make better decisions, both in your current challenges and in the future.

Business Development

Business Development

What’s your vision?

Together, we will explore where you want to get to and find the best path to get you there. Ultimately we will create an achievable business plan, broken down into manageable steps.

Marketing Consultancy

How’s your marketing performing?

We will work in partnership to analyse your current activities, identify your options and empower you to create a meaningful, measurable strategy going forward.

Graphics & Branding

Does your branding reflect your professionalism & values?

From logo design to website development to complete brand makeovers, we can bring your ideas to life! 

About You

You are an entrepreneur who wants to take their project to the next stage – you may have a vision of where you want to be, but aren’t sure which step to take next.


You have limited resources – time, money or both, so every decision is crucial. You may have no-one to discuss your ideas with, so it can be hard to be objective.


You want to empower yourself to make better business decisions, and so feel more confident when embarking on new strategies, but sometimes you have so many options that it’s hard to choose.

About Me

I am an award-winning Marketing Executive and Business Manager with over 20 years professional experience. I have a Master’s degree with Distinction in Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


I have a vast experience working in the creative industries with a wide range of clients: from sole traders and small start-up businesses; to civil institutions such as local councils and universities; to large commercial organisations such as Smirnoff and Radio 1Xtra.


I will help you to translate your ideas into a well-measured and personalised plan. I combine coaching methodology with marketing consultancy to develop your goals and aspirations into bespoke, tangible strategies which enable you to reach your full potential.


I am delighted to have worked with such an eclectic spectrum of creative people: from event organisers to professional musicians; studio managers to restaurant owners; aerial photographers to game designers.. and many more. Here is some of their feedback:

Lumastar (Audio Visual Technology):

Marketing & Brand Consultancy

“Miles gave me a whole new perspective on how people perceive and interact with businesses. I had no prior experience with marketing and branding, but working with Miles we were able to build a plan for how to show our value, reach a wider audience, and really grow the business.”

Wil Squires, Co-Founder

DTQ Designs Ltd (Interior Designers):

Marketing Consultancy

“Thanks to Miles, our sales and marketing is now more effective than ever. His thorough analysis has given me much more confidence that we are investing in the right areas.”

Damien Tran Quang, Director

Sara Preisler Jewellery:

Graphic Design & Branding

“Miles is such a pleasure to work with.. He’s always patient, understanding and extremely helpful..  A talented designer with a cool, calm and collected way of working, he has always listened to me and advised me really well… Couldn’t recommend enough.”

Sara Preisler, Gallery Owner

Silver Birch Games (Board Games):

Marketing & Graphic Design

“Working together, we have developed my idea and turned it into a solid business plan. With my project management skills and Miles’ marketing expertise, we’re looking forward to a successful launch later this year.”

Tom Holness – Company Director

Kiran Bangerh (Dubgasm):

Project Development

“I’d been struggling with some behemoth ideas in order to structure them effectively and coherently. Miles helped reduce my sense of feeling overwhelmed and I have since been able to push forward with great success. Thank you Miles!”

Kiran Bangerh – Creative Producer & Event Manager

Iain Maxwell:

Personal Development

“I have worked with Miles several times over the past two years. Firstly he gave me the skills to get the job I desired. Secondly, he has helped me to pinpoint areas in my job role where I can be most effective in serving the members of my programme.”

Iain Maxwell – Personal Trainer / Counsellor



I’m always delighted to hear about exciting projects and challenges, as well your future goals and aspirations!


Your initial consultation is at my expense and I have flexible rates to enable working with all types of clients, from start-ups to exit planners.


Contact me now to find out how I can help you!


07590 231163